AWS Validates Psyphr – Let Us Help You With Your Application Security 18/05/18

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  recently unveiled a private CA service extending their certificate management service. At Psyphr we think this is great news as it’s a great step to supporting developers in making their applications more secure end-to-end.

We’ve been working in this space for some time now and to see a major player like AWS release this kind of service validates the active work we’re already doing  and at the same time brings confirmation of trends in demand that we’re seeing across the developer landscape to take ownership of their application and data security needs, bringing much needed focus to the front of the queue and enabling a more holistic approach to security rather than the traditional reactive bolt-on.

Like the service offered by AWS, Psyphr can provide developers with a private CA service, up and running in a matter of minutes.

Our suite of API’s however take this to the next level. Where the AWS brings much needed certificate life cycle management features, Psyphr gives developers an extensive range of capabilities to integrate seamlessly across their whole application for a number of use cases.

This article is part one of a series that will deep dive into a number of use cases and challenges that Psyphr is currently working with our customers on. We’ll look at their pain points and how Psyphr’s unique blend of capabilities can address them.

The pace of online innovation is accelerating and developers need to be able to address data security challenges, at scale and at pace – Psyphr is helping our early adopters to do this now.

If you are intrigued and want to get involved, or have a data security challenge with your applications we’d love to hear from you as we’re now introducing early adopters to our platform.

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Steve Cochrane – CTO