Protect your Data, Business and Customers

Psyphr provides a modern, strong and scalable solution to secure your application data end-to-end.

Information has become our most valuable asset. Security cannot be an afterthought and needs to be baked into the foundation of your applications.

Psyphr –

  • Counters the threat of Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • Protects data across MobileIoTCloud and Enterprise boundaries
  • Delivers business confidence and protects against data breaches and theft
  • Enables a new class of secure applications for enterprise and consumers
  • Has no access to your data

We save your business time and money by allowing your teams to focus on creating value rather than getting bogged down in the complexities of data security.

We give you granular control of your identity certificates with a managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and a range of client libraries providing a route to quick, consistent integration with your applications.

A plugin architecture allows our libraries to be extended with custom functionality either developed by you or through third party modules making it very straightforward to support specific compliance requirements, for example Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

A rich set of events and monitoring capabilities provide value to your operation teams and a real-time view of your data security.

Whether you have a single mobile app or hundreds of distributed applications, easily integrating Psyphr solves security for you and protects your data wherever it travels.

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