Psyphr. Our Origins, Aims and Plans

As this is the first public blog post for Psyphr we wanted to outline our vision and backstory. How we arrived here and what we intend Psyphr to become.

It all started for me back in the heady days of the the late 90’s and early 2000’s I had built a B2B SaaS and Web hosting business based partly around managed email anti-virus and anti-spam. I’d built those services as a reaction to the bombardment of fake and dangerous emails I and we as a company were receiving. My frustration then was that dealing with this flood of danger was impacting on our ability to do our jobs. I wanted to solve the problem. The services were named ArmourPlate and I still have the domain name

Over the years since I have been more involved in software / application development and again I was frustrated at the fact that the more distributed our applications become the more vulnerable our data becomes.

Data as a word is pretty cold and unemotional but the information entrusted to and carried by our software applications is almost everything we are, were or might become. It’s our very lives and interactions. Data is personal to us and invaluable. It’s also valuable to our suppliers and companies, some built entirely to carry around and profit from it. We need to be able to control who uses and who sees it, and if it’s valuable to our business or reputation to protect it.

Whilst I was on my journey Steve was on his own, working at the highest technical levels on a number of complex infrastructure projects with substantial information security requirements, across retail banking, government and telecoms.

Freelancing in his spare time he developed web and mobile applications for dental practices which required dealing with, and therefore the need to protect sensitive personal data. Overcoming the challenges that arose with the need to protect this sensitive data coupled with the knowledge and experience of designing large scale and secure infrastructure architectures led to the original idea and first prototype of Psyphr.

Two people converged, discovered a shared vision and passionately felt that strong and simple data security should be available for all and so Psyphr is born.

Millions of distributed applications now exist in the world across cloud, mobile, the enterprise and the growing field of IoT creating an ever expanding environment which is vulnerable to data theft, eavesdropping or manipulation. Psyphr will protect all of this by securing data interactions end-to-end.

We’re building Psyphr to provide a single platform that allows you to effectively plug-in strong and scalable end-to-end data security that works seamlessly within and across applications, reducing risk, increasing confidence and lowering costs.

As application interactions become more complex and dynamic Psyphr will grow with them maintaining a security solution for tomorrow today, quickly, cost effectively and safely.

Our vision for Psyphr is more than just security software. We are a new way of solving data security from the inside out, empowering you to focus on your applications’ value and your creative and business ideas. We want to remove the need to worry about security.

We have ambitions for Psyphr. Within three years we want to have more than 3000 customers. And in five years we want to have 10,000.

Every journey starts with first steps though and our focus right now is working with the right founding investors and developing a network of trial customers and developers to begin the journey with us.

If that’s you, please get in touch and let’s start together making the world a safer place for all.

Tristan Palmer (CEO & Co-founder)