Tech Lead Wanted – Full Stack / Ruby

We are hiring! Please feel free to paste or pass this on.

Our product is developer focused and provides a scalable and flexible solution for certificate lifecycle management, end-to-end encryption, authentication and signing. We deliver this through our platform, API’s and client libraries enabling full automation and integration with our customers applications.

Our vision is to democratise the availability of robust security for all enabling new classes of applications and improving the lives and security of society, business and individuals. Global market.

We are raising a round at the moment so now need to grow our team / shape for growth.

Is this you?

A full-stack lead to join our team (currently 4). Someone who is looking for a primary role in the company, an engineer with initiative and good communication skills, who can make architectural decisions and is looking for a real opportunity where you will have the freedom to shape a product and help take the company forward.

You’ll work closely with our CEO and CTO, lead our product development and manage a team of remote developers. The ideal person will love technology and be passionate about security. Cyber sec is a fast paced area and relevant to every sector so there’s a fantastic opportunity to create a difference. We’re currently talking with companies across a range of sectors including IoT, Fintech, defence and mobile, and have a number of partnerships in place.

We’ve been building our product for a year and we’re expecting to begin beta testing with customers shortly.

The deal

Hours: Full-time, flexible hours
Salary: Good pay and equity options available
Location: Flexible – Shared space in London City, Westminster office, and remote working

Your skills and experience

5+ years experience
Experience being a tech lead
Current or previous fullstack Ruby developer
Postgresql and MySQL
Test and development tools – CI
microservice architectures
Secure app development practices
Buid and automation
Restful API’s
Agile working

Bonus items

Interest and/or experience in

Other languages: js, node, python, go.
Mobile: native iOS and/or Android
Ansible, Docker
Blockchain, ACME, PKI, certificates,
Encryption, Digital signing
Vunerability scanning, pen tests, ethical hacking.

We use mainly github, slack and trello.