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32 Million Brits Lose Data When O2 Services Fail Due To a Certificate Expiry

Why You Need Psyphr It's hard to have missed the drama and coverage of the O2 outage over the last few days. As widely reported, the root cause, although still being determined, was mainly due to the expiry of a certificate within a version of Ericsson software used within their network. As you'd expect, O2 were only one of a number of countries and providers affected by the same issue. Luckily for  customers a fix is in process, reverting to a previous version of software. It's understood that the affected software version was being decommissioned, however, this hasn't stopped the [...]

Psyphr Beta Platform Launched – Request Access Now 27/09/18

We are pleased to announce that our beta platform is now live and ready to accept our first users. It's been a long journey with a lot of work in the background from the team to reach this milestone but we're very pleased with the results. We're MVP, so in terms of functionality we've concentrated on building out the core features that will allow developers to get value from the platform immediately. We'll be rolling out new features regularly so we encourage you to join our mailing list to keep updated. Today we support full life-cycle management for your private [...]

Psyphr is Next Generation Security – GCHQ Director Jeremy Fleming Agrees

19-09-18 We founded Psyphr because we believe that in order for technology to continually advance and through this empower and improve our lives societies and businesses, the integrity and security of our data cannot be unreliable and considered apart any longer. Security cannot be a stand alone consideration of development. It’s in front, number one and fundamental to all stakeholders. Everything else is (usually) achievable and should be second on the list. Service delivery begins and ends with security. The less secure our data the slower we will progress.  As our data and applications become more fragmented and distributed across [...]

Tech Lead Wanted – Full Stack / Ruby

We are hiring! Please feel free to paste or pass this on. Our product is developer focused and provides a scalable and flexible solution for certificate lifecycle management, end-to-end encryption, authentication and signing. We deliver this through our platform, API's and client libraries enabling full automation and integration with our customers applications. Our vision is to democratise the availability of robust security for all enabling new classes of applications and improving the lives and security of society, business and individuals. Global market. We are raising a round at the moment so now need to grow our team / shape for [...]

AWS Validates Psyphr – Let Us Help You With Your Application Security 18/05/18

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  recently unveiled a private CA service extending their certificate management service. At Psyphr we think this is great news as it’s a great step to supporting developers in making their applications more secure end-to-end. We’ve been working in this space for some time now and to see a major player like AWS release this kind of service validates the active work we’re already doing  and at the same time brings confirmation of trends in demand that we’re seeing across the developer landscape to take ownership of their application and data security needs, bringing much needed focus [...]

Tinder and Application Security – Swipe Right For Psyphr

In January Wired reported that by not utilising strong end-to-end encryption and application security Tinder’s user data could be intercepted and reconstructed to view what users were seeing and doing without their knowledge. Tinder, Lack of encryption lets strangers spy on swipes None of us want our personal information to be seen by others and when that information could be our sexual orientation, preferences and who we are interacting with it’s a very serious or potentially even dangerous invasion of privacy. Now a US Senator has written to Tinder’s chief executive Greg Blatt explaining that he wants Tinder to use [...]