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Psyphr News. 2017 – Development and Alliances

Where did 2017 go? We realise it’s been a while since we updated the blog section here at Psyphr. That’s not because it’s been quiet but the opposite in fact. 2107 was full on. We spent the first half of the year pitching Psyphr to potential investors and incubators. We were accepted on and completed Capital Enterprises Green Light Programme, which spread over three months was an introduction to pitching and idea presentation along with introductions to mentors and potential VC’s. This was helpful and we are grateful for the opportunities it presented. At the same time Steve was working [...]

Psyphr. Our Origins, Aims and Plans

As this is the first public blog post for Psyphr we wanted to outline our vision and backstory. How we arrived here and what we intend Psyphr to become. It all started for me back in the heady days of the the late 90’s and early 2000’s I had built a B2B SaaS and Web hosting business based partly around managed email anti-virus and anti-spam. I’d built those services as a reaction to the bombardment of fake and dangerous emails I and we as a company were receiving. My frustration then was that dealing with this flood of danger [...]

Protect your Data, Business and Customers

Psyphr provides a modern, strong and scalable solution to secure your application data end-to-end. Information has become our most valuable asset. Security cannot be an afterthought and needs to be baked into the foundation of your applications. Psyphr - Counters the threat of Man-in-the-Middle attacks Protects data across Mobile, IoT, Cloud and Enterprise boundaries Delivers business confidence and protects against data breaches and theft Enables a new class of secure applications for enterprise and consumers Has no access to your data We save your business time and money by allowing your teams to focus on creating value rather than getting bogged down in the complexities [...]

Why Psyphr?

The cybersecurity threat landscape continues to grow in scale, impact and sophistication.As our lives and the world are increasingly populated by programs and applications so the data they deal in needs to be secured from thieves and better better protected from harm.As the number of applications we create and the number of connected devices increases so application flows and security challenges become more complex and dynamic in nature. Existing approaches to data security are not sufficient to protect this new and evolving landscape.Security must not be an afterthought. To protect companies, revenues and customers security should be baked into every [...]